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Leak Insure

品牌: Leak Insure Model: li-gopro
[说明] This product contains 16 Leak Insure GoStrips, for use in GoPro® and similar cameras where space is limited. Non-toxic and 100% biodegradable Contents: 16 GoStrips 42mm x 30mm, Instructions and O-ring remover [示范影片1] [示范影片-內容物]..
品牌: Leak Insure Model: li-std
[说明] 5x 长吸水条, 适用单眼或微单防水壳 材质无毒且100%可生物分解, 环境无害 内容物: 5 Sachets 40mm x 90mm [示范影片1] [示范影片-內容物]..
品牌: Leak Insure Model: li-short
[说明] 5 Leak Insure 短吸水条, 适用小DC防水壳 材质无毒且100%可生物分解, 环境无害 内容物: 5 Sachets 60mm x 20mm [示范影片1] [示范影片-內容物]..
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