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品牌: Sea&Sea Model: 50122
[说明] Sea&Sea Optional Syn Cord 2-pin Connector #50122 User replaceable 2-pin strobe connector and sync connecter set. The connector set can be fixed after removing cap for accessory port. * The connector set is required to connect the YS series strobes via sync cord to SEA&SEA hous..
品牌: Sea&Sea Model: 30123
[说明] [尺寸 (DIAxD)] 129 x 35.5mm / 5.1 x 1.4 inches [重量] 约 154g / 5.4 oz [耐水深] 100m / 330ft [材质] 耐腐蚀铝合金 (氧化铝镀膜) [距离] 从底座到前端为: 20mm / 0.8 inches (包含镜头罩锁) 说明书 "Extension Ring 20L"(1.14MB)..
品牌: Sea&Sea Model: 30124
[说明] [尺寸 (DIAxD)] 129 x 45.5mm / 5.1 x 1.8 inches [重量] 约 194g / 6.8 oz [耐水深] 100m / 330ft [材质] 耐腐蚀铝合金 (氧化铝镀膜) [距离] 从底座到前端为: 30mm / 1.2 inches (包含镜头罩锁) 说明书 "Extension Ring 30L"(1.14MB)..
品牌: Sea&Sea Model: 30125
[说明] [尺寸 (DIAxD)] 129 x 55.5mm / 5.1 x 2.2 inches [重量] 约 234g / 5.4 oz [耐水深] 100m / 330ft [材质] 耐腐蚀铝合金 (氧化铝镀膜) [距离] 从底座到前端为: 40mm / 1.6 inches (包含镜头罩锁) 说明书 "Extension Ring 40L"(1.14MB)..
品牌: Sea&Sea Model: 30103
[说明] ■广角镜头用 ■包含: 1. 镜头罩 2. 备用O-Ring 3. 矽油 4. 使用手册 5. 1 年保固 [规格] [尺寸 (DIAxD)] 154.5x57.8mm / 6.2x2.3inch [重量] 约 680g / 23.8oz [耐水深] 100m / 330ft [材质] 防腐蚀铝合金 (氧化铝镀膜) + 强化玻璃..
品牌: Sea&Sea Model: 46100
[说明] [尺寸 (DIAxD)] 174x87mm / 7x3.5inch [重量] 约 360g / 12.6oz [耐水深] 60m / 200ft [材质] 耐腐蚀铝合金 (氧化铝镀膜, 抗反光镀膜) - Dome: 压克力 - 遮光罩: ABS合成树脂..
品牌: Sea&Sea Model: 30111
[说明] Macro port which has been designed for Canon EF-S 60mm Macro USM. The end of the port is threaded to accept the Close-up Lens 125 (M67 mount). *M67-M62 Step Down Ring is required to mount the  Close-UP Lens 125. [尺寸 (DIAxD)] 132x62.5mm / 5.3x2.5inches [耐水深] 100m / 330ft ..
品牌: Sea&Sea Model: 30105
[说明] ■微距镜头用 ■包含: 1. 镜头罩 2. 备用O-Ring 3. 矽油 4. 使用手册 5. 1 年保固 [规格] [尺寸 (DIAxD)] 132x42.5mm / 5.3x1.7inch [重量] 约 250g / 8.8oz [耐水深] 100m / 330ft [材质] 防腐蚀铝合金 (anodized)..
品牌: Sea&Sea Model: 30139
[规格] 微距镜头罩设计给底下镜头使用 (无须任何延伸环或底座), 前端有M67螺牙可以直接转接外挂镜头/滤镜:  (但因为最短对焦距离很短, 所以无须安装微距镜, 请参照附图) Canon EF-S 35mm Macro IS STM, 对焦环选购 #31193 [尺寸 (DIAxD)] 132x48mm / 5.2x1.9inches [重量] 约 308g / 10.9 oz [耐水深] 100m / 330ft [材质] 耐腐蚀铝合金 (阳极电镀, anti-reflection coating on the inner s..
品牌: Sea&Sea Model: 30106
[说明] ■ 微距镜头用 ■ 包含: 1. 镜头罩 2. 备用O-Ring 3. 矽油 4. 使用手册 5. 1 年保固 [规格] [尺寸 (DIAxD)] 117x81mm / 4.7x3.2inch [重量] 约 370g / 13oz [耐水深] 100m / 330ft [材质] 防腐蚀铝合金 (阳极电镀) + 强化玻璃 (多层镀膜)..
品牌: Sea&Sea Model: 30140
[规格] 微距镜头罩设计给底下镜头使用 (无须任何延伸环或底座), 前端有M67螺牙可以直接转接外挂镜头/滤镜: Canon RF85mm F2 MACRO IS STM Sony FE 50mm F2.8 Macro Nikon AF-S Micro NIKKOR 60mm F2.8G ED [尺寸 (DIAxD)] 128x93.5mm / 5x3.7inches [重量] 约 435g / 15.3 oz [耐水深] 100m / 330ft [材质] 耐腐蚀铝合金 (阳极电镀, 内表面有房反射镀膜) 如有任何疑..
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