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品牌: Outland Model: UWS-3210
[规格] ■UWS-3210, LED 照明,水下彩色录像系统 ■系统包含: 1. UWC-325/p, 定焦彩色镜头 2. UWL-400, LED 照明灯 3. C-2303, 500 ft. (150m) 电缆线 4. CON-3200, 12" 彩色 LCD 屏幕, 电源供应器, 硬盘/DVD 录像机 (UWS-3210 only). ■选购: DVD/VHS 录像机. Video Time/Date/Typewriter. UWS-3220 (220 vac 50 hz) PAL version...
品牌: Outland Model: UWS-3310
[规格] 系统包含: UWC-325/p, 定焦, 彩色摄影机. * UWL-401,LED light. * C-2303-100m, 330 ft. 电缆线. * CON-3300, SUITCASE Console with 12" Transflective Color LCD monitor, power supply(AC powered, 有DC Powered船上用另售), SD DVR RECORDER (Both audio and Video, 使用SD卡接口). * 选购: o UWL-400, LED Light. ..
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